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Family Law Attorney in Huntsville, Alabama

At Daniels Law, LLC, I represent spouses and parents in matters of family law. I regularly assist my clients with issues such as contested and uncontested divorce (including military divorces), the division of property, child support, child custody, alimony, contempt actions, modifications, protection from abuse orders, simple wills, and more.

As a family law attorney, Suzette Daniels of Daniels Law LLC has the knowledge and experience to handle cases which may become complicated and stressful. With her guidance you will be able to better understand the issues and handle the various hurdles that may arise through the legalities of family law issues.

Father and his Children — Family Law in Huntsville, Alabama
Mother and her Child — Family Law in Huntsville, Alabama


As an experienced family law attorney, it is to your best benefit to work with me, Suzette Daniels of Daniels Law, LLC. Divorce court cases can grow to become stressful and convoluted matters if not handled professionally and with knowledge of that which is at stake. With the professional guidance of a family law attorney, you will better handle the various hurdles that may arise in the delegating of finances and more when working through the legalities of a divorce.

The overviews below provide further insight into the legal services I provide so that my clients are able to get to know and trust me. If you are dealing with a legal issue in one of these areas of law, or if you have questions about your circumstances, I encourage you to contact my office. I can provide the support you need during this difficult time and help you get on the right track.


The biggest legal challenge in any divorce is securing a fair settlement. In a divorce settlement, there are a number of important issues that need to be resolved. These can include child support, child custody, alimony, retirement, real estate, and division of personal property.

If you seek to dissolve your marriage—or you are on the other end of a contested divorce initiated by your spouse—then you need to make sure that these matters are addressed in a manner that protects both your own interests and rights, as well as those of your children. Having legal representation during a contested or uncontested divorce is usually the best way to see that this happens easily and efficiently.

In a contested divorce in which only one spouse wants the divorce, or when disagreement over the terms of a settlement makes compromise impossible, the family law attorney’s role is to help you get the most equitable settlement possible under the law. If you have questions about uncontested divorce, or contested divorce in the State of Alabama, it is best that you speak to me for the right kind of information and assistance.


A major issue that may arise during a contested divorce is that of how the divorcing spouses' assets should be divided between them. Courts seldom divide property proportionately between divorcing spouses. Rather, they seek to divide property according to their own interpretations of equity and fairness.

The court may choose to favor one spouse over the other if circumstances warrant such action. Assets that may be fair game for division during a divorce include retirement accounts, life insurance policies, real estate property, small businesses, bank accounts, and vehicles. Daniels Law, LLC can offer you more information about how courts make decisions on matters of property division, and teach you what you can do to see that you don't come out on the losing end of any divorce settlement where your assets are concerned.


A child support order dictates how much money the non-custodial parent is required to pay the custodial parent in order to help pay for the costs of raising their child or children. These include expenses associated with health insurance premiums, work-related childcare, and others. Support amounts are based on strict guidelines established by the Alabama Supreme Court that factor in the respective incomes of each parent, the number of children involved, and other variables.

However, legal precedent may also play a role in how courts rule in child support matters. A dedicated family law attorney can be key when it comes to seeing that a support order fairly reflects the needs of the child and the ability of each parent to contribute financially to the cost of the child's upbringing. It's not unheard of for parents to act in bad faith and try to shirk their financial obligations by misrepresenting their income or other variables, and having a family law lawyer on your side during a child support dispute can make it much harder for them to do so.

Alabama courts prefer to award joint legal and physical custody whenever possible. This means that both parents are expected to work together in making decisions about where a child goes to school, receives medical care, and obtains religious instruction. It also means that the child spends time with each parent regularly, although not necessarily the same amount of time. In the event that other circumstances apply—as when one parent is a domestic abuser or a drug user—or when one of the parents involved is otherwise unwilling or unable to participate in a joint custody arrangement, the court may award legal and/or physical custody solely to one parent instead.

There are several factors that the courts consider when deciding on a child custody matter, including the age and gender of the child or children concerned. The respective ability of each parent to participate in making sound decisions about the child's upbringing, as well as the preferences of the child or children themselves, are also considered. If applicable, all may weigh heavily in how a court ultimately rules in a child custody matter.


Various factors are considered when a court is deciding whether to award alimony. From factors such as the length of marriage to each spouse's age and health, as well as the standard of living during the marriage, each item is to be carefully considered for the best outcome. The lower earner's contribution to the increased earning power of the higher earner is analyzed, along with a spouse's past services as a parent or homemaker. Both spouses' future opportunities to gain income and assets are looked at, along with the needs of any dependent children of the couple. Any conduct by either spouse that contributed to the breakup of the marriage is noted, too. There is no specific formula governing the calculation of alimony in Alabama, and a court has great discretion in deciding what amount to award, or whether to award any amount at all.



A contempt action is simply an allegation that one party of a court order has not been fulfilling their responsibilities as described in the order. In the context of family law, this can involve a custody order, a support order, an alimony order, or any other kind of legally binding decision made by a court.

However, contempt actions don't happen by themselves; the aggrieved party is expected to file the necessary paperwork and be prepared to make their case in court, if applicable. At Daniels Law, LLC, I offer legal representation for parents or former spouses who need assistance bringing a former partner to task for neglecting their court-ordered obligations. Contact my Huntsville office today to learn more about how I can help you enforce an existing court order and see that you and your child don't pay the price for another party's irresponsibility.


When a parent's circumstances, financial or otherwise, change for better or worse, it may be appropriate to seek a modification to an existing order. For example, child support and alimony matters are based in part on the incomes of the respective parties, and if one parent or former spouse experiences a drastic change in their income, usually a modification is warranted. Modifications may also become necessary if an existing custody arrangement is no longer feasible or practical for any number of reasons; one parent may be moving to another state, or may become emotionally incapable of continuing to discharge their parental duties in the expected manner.


Any situation where domestic violence is alleged usually involves both criminal and civil proceedings. When it comes to the latter, both victims and perpetrators of alleged acts of domestic violence can benefit from working with a dedicated family law attorney and get help with protecting their rights and their interests. Victims obviously need to take legal action to prevent an abuser from being able to get at them or their children, while individuals accused of domestic violence often find themselves unable to return to their homes or see their children even when the allegations involved are completely spurious. In either case, the assistance of a skilled family law lawyer can make all the difference for their client.


If you need help establishing a simple will to provide for your loved ones in the event of your death, contact Daniels Law, LLC right now. I can assist you with the process of creating a will that won't leave your loved ones exposed to financial instability or left in legal limbo in the event of the unthinkable. If you're not sure if I handle cases like yours, give me a call and ask. Even if I can't take your case, I'll do my best to point you in the right direction.

Appointing someone you trust to handle your personal, financial and business affairs in the event you are unable to do so is something most people tend to postpone until an emergency arises. Also, Health Care Directives are vitally important to instruct your physicians and family members as to what your wishes are in the event you are medically incapacitated and cannot speak for yourself. I will be glad to discuss these issues with you and prepare the documents for you.