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When enduring the trials and tribulations of divorce court, there are several components to consider. Suzette Daniels of Daniels Law, LLC is best fit to help you through divorce court in a way that makes it as stress-free as possible. With experience, knowledge, and compassion, I work hard to get the best outcome for each client. It is best to have a divorce attorney in your corner regardless of the circumstances, though it is still advised to be generally knowledgeable of that which you are in the midst of, explained in detail below.
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In an uncontested divorce, both spouses want to dissolve the marriage and are mostly in agreement about the terms of their settlement. As long as both parties are committed to ironing out the details of the settlement in an atmosphere of mutual respect, most of the time this is a fairly simple and rapid process. The divorce attorney's role during an uncontested divorce is to draft the divorce ...
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In a contested divorce, when only one spouse wants to end the marriage, or when spouses disagree about the terms of their settlement, things can get much more complicated. Although the State of Alabama is a no-fault state, a spouse can seek to dissolve the marriage on the grounds of adultery, domestic violence, drug or alcohol abuse, and abandonment. However, the majority of divorces in ... Read more


The central issues in any divorce, contested or uncontested, tend to be child support, child custody, alimony, and division of property. In Alabama, the division of property is based on equity, or fairness. This means that a court can require that assets such as real estate, shared retirement accounts, or others be divided disproportionately between spouses if the court deems it appropriate. Ask me how the system of equitable division may apply to your own circumstances.



Various factors are considered when a court is deciding whether to award alimony. From factors such as the length of marriage to each spouse's age and health, as well as the standard of living during the marriage, each item is to be carefully considered for the best outcome. The lower earner's contribution to the increased earning power of the higher earner is analyzed, along with a spouse's past services as a parent or homemaker. Both spouses' future opportunities to gain income and assets are looked at, along with the needs of any dependent children of the couple. Any conduct by either spouse that contributed to the breakup of the marriage is noted, too. There is no specific formula governing the calculation of alimony in Alabama, and a court has great discretion in deciding what amount to award, or whether to award any amount at all.


For more information about alimony, division of property, and other issues central to a divorce settlement, contact me at Daniels Law, LLC. I represent spouses in contested and uncontested divorces, including military divorces in which retirement accounts are a major factor.