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At Daniels Law, LLC, I represent spouses and parents in matters of family law. I regularly assist my clients with issues such as contested and uncontested divorce (including military divorces), the division of property, child support, child custody, alimony, contempt actions, modifications, protection from abuse orders, simple wills, and more.

As a family law attorney, Suzette Daniels of Daniels Law LLC has the knowledge and experience to handle cases which may become complicated and stressful. With her guidance you will be able to better understand the issues and handle the various hurdles that may arise through the legalities of family law issues.
Suzette Daniels - Family Attorney in Huntsville, AL
Our Team - Family Attorney in Huntsville, AL
Suzette Daniels

Tina Rowell
Office - Family Law in Huntsville, AL
Tina is a seasoned paralegal with almost 40 years of experience in the Madison County legal arena. Prior to joining Daniels Law LLC in 2015, Tina was employed as a paralegal for over 25 years in a prominent family law practice until the partners decided to retire. Before that she, spent several years working in the Madison County District Attorney’s office.
At Daniels Law LLC, Tina provides solid and reliable assistance, and serves as a listening ear to our clients who are often faced with a variety of emotional situations. Tina presents a calm, helpful, and supportive demeanor as she handles their immediate needs. While our clients experience frequent communication with their attorney, Tina is an additional liaison between the clients and the firm.
Tina provides support in all phases of litigation, from inception through discovery and trial. She assists in file management, drafting of pleadings, and preparation with depositions and trial. Outside of the office, Tina enjoys traveling with her husband and spending time with her family -and their dogs.
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